Why I said YES (the abridged version)


I have never felt so protected by someone
Once there was an ice storm and I was at Tim house, I was going to leave and he said I needed to stay there…. I said I would turn around if it was too bad. He got up and grabbed his keys and went outside without a word. He came back in after 10 minutes and said… “no babe you are staying here tonight. You can sleep in my bed and I will sleep on the couch”

There is no one who has ever made me feel so special
Flowers and words are the best ways to make me feel loved. Tim has brought me flowers on our “month-a-versy”, when I have had a hard day, and just to make me feel special…. also he always cooks for me.

He is disciplined and self-controlled
I have never met a man that denies his flesh like Tim. He does his homework, makes time for people,  he seeks to be excellent. We set boundaries (still do) in each season of our relationship and by the grace of God he has completely honored those boundaries. Making me feel safe and cared for.

He is vulnerable with me
He doesn’t hide struggles, hard things, or things he is learning from me. In this, he equips me to pray for him and to fight with him through these seasons. Some of my favorite moments with him are moments when we both have tears rolling down our faces and we have a chance to pray together for each other.

When he is around I feel like the most beautiful woman
He looks at me like he looks at no other person. I have actually been told this by other people. This is something that I may never be able to explain but being adored and cherished so deeply by a person brings so much confidence to women.

He is a good friend
He is not just someone I love to hold hands with, be all romantic with, or get flowers from. He is someone that I can act goofy with, pick on, and make funny faces at. He makes the most normal things fun and funny.

He is so intentional
He doesn’t do things without a purpose and plan. He makes people feel valued and makes people feel safe through his intentional way of living. He lives his life in the light that he was created for something greater.

He dreams big
He has goals, dreams, and a big calling on his life and he lives his life to the fullest. Once he came into my office moved my globe onto my desk and talked to me for 30 minutes about the church in Dubai and how he wants to go there.

He loves God more than me
Tim will talk for hours about how much God has done in his life, he studies and reads more about God than I thought was possible. This is the last reason I am listing because it is what validates all the other reasons. If and when everything else fails; looks, jobs, dreams, plans…. God is faithful. Tim’s dependence on God has made his arms the safest place for me to be.

To be loved by a man that protects, cares for, plans for, and lays down his life for you is an indescribable feeling. To know that in a few months I will walk down the isle towards a man that loves me as I am but seeks to see me refined and made more into the image of Christ is the greatest gift God has ever blessed me with. I know life hasn’t been perfect but nor will it ever be but I am plum excited, for these reasons and a million more, to live life with this man.


2 thoughts on “Why I said YES (the abridged version)

  1. Beth, I never got a chance to know you while at Teen Mania, but you’re relationship with Tim is such a beautiful picture of the gospel and God’s love in the flesh. I have loved getting to see your love story unfold from afar. So happy for both of you!

  2. this made me so full of joy. i am so happy for the two of you and will be praying that the Lord will continue to prepare and guard your relationship as get ready for marriage! its such a blessing! congrats!

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